I. Borders Restrict Innovation

Geographic boundaries no longer make sense for life in an increasingly hyper-connected world. As global connectivity continues at breakneck speed, the presence of artificial borders restricts innovation and business activity, whether it’s international money transfer, operating a business in multiple countries, or working with siloed geography-dependent intellectual property rules.

II. Current Blockchain Solutions Lack Sovereign Legitimacy

Blockchain solutions have attempted to overcome these synthetic borders but have remained constrained entirely to the virtual world without the legitimacy of sovereign and legal institutions underpinning them.

III. Current Blockchain Solutions Lack Accountability

Blockchain technology has simultaneously leveraged both anonymity and transparency, but its lack of legal accountability has stunted its transformative power. For example, current on-chain identities can not be used to open a bank account and go through the KYC process, or for democratic voting in government elections, or for credit-based loans.

IV. RNS Solves These Problems

RNS is the world’s first blockchain-native digital residency platform, bridging the privacy and security of Web3 identity with the capabilities and validity of global sovereignties. RNS’s mission is to usher in a global and borderless world and support the new generation of global digital existence.

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