RNS Platform

I. Digital Residency Platform

The RNS platform provides accessible digital residency for all individuals around the world through our sovereign partnership. Digital residency grants a government-issued ID from a sovereign nation. Our sovereign nation partner is The Republic of Palau.

Application to digital residency is available to anyone. Once your application passes KYC and is accepted, you will be provided a government-issued ID, in two forms: as a physical ID card that is shipped to your address, and LDID (Existing Jurisdiction) on chain.

The RNS ID is a legally recognized and government-issued form of identification and can be used for any ID requirement.

II. Identity On Chain

The RNS digital residency provides an identity card in two forms: (1) as a physical identity card shipped to your address and (2) as a LDID (Existing Jurisdiction) on chain

The LDID (Existing Jurisdiction), which is end-to-end encrypted, enables individuals to have control over their data and identity exposure. The LDID can also be used as an identity verification certificate for digital services requiring legal ID verification. We are currently working with many online platforms (such as one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges) to accept our LDID as a KYC certificate.

The LDID, which is a decentralized ID document, allows individuals to validate their control of the identity by signing a string from the wallet that contains the RNS ID.

The decentralized ID framework includes end-to-end cryptographic encryption, Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), and other digital techniques for protecting privacy.

III. RNS ID Properties

The RNS ID has the following properties:

  • ID Number - ABC1234A

  • Issue Date - 1/1/22

  • Expiration Date - 1/1/23

  • Jurisdiction - Palau

  • IsRevoked - True/False

  • IsRevokedURL (returns true or false)

  • VerificationURL

    • Only for authorized clients and the individual must have verification enabled

  • PublicURL (Profile Page)

Optional information that can be included which provides ability to confirm age or gender related checks without providing Personal Identifiable Information (PII):

  • IssueAge - Age at issue of ID

  • BirthGender - Male, Female

The individual gets to choose what identity information and properties they want to share via the verification link; the shared RNS ID properties can be verified without revealing an individual’s identity.

IV. RNS Platform Privacy

The decentralized ID framework includes end-to-end cryptographic encryption, Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), and other digital techniques for protecting privacy. It ensures that no one, except the digital residency holder (not even the RNS platform or partnered governments) can access their own secured data. ZKPs provide an opportunity to verify holder’s information without disclosing it. The application of ZKPs include, but are not limited to the following cases:

  • Democratizing vote verification (ZKPs can give reliable voting counts, preventing leakage of personal data)

  • Securing personal data authentication (e.g. age verification without revealing details)

  • Sending private blockchain transactions

  • Secure messaging

V. Republic of Palau

Palau - RNS’s Sovereign Partner

In December 2021, the government of Palau (encompassing the House of Delegates, the Senate, and the office of President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr.) passed the Digital Residency Act and signed a contract to exclusively allow RNS to provide digital residency for Palau.

Benefits of Palau, RNS’s partner, include:

  • Low tax rate - 0% individual tax rate on income

  • Access to US Markets via Compact of Free Association

  • USD based currency

  • Stable low risk environment

  • Physical addresses have a US Zip Code

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