What is RNS?

RNS (Root Name System) is the digital identity platform developed to support the application and issuance of sovereignty-backed digital IDs.

What is Palau ID?

Palau ID (Sovereignty-Backed Web3 ID) is a legal ID that can be used for identity verification, such as KYC with crypto exchanges (e.g., Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, Gate.io, Bybit, BitMart and more), Banks*, other institutions (e.g., Airbnb), hotel check-ins**, domestic flight check-ins*, membership sign-ups, and registration for Palau digital corporations with 0% tax*. RNS ID NFT is a digitalized legal ID that enables individuals to self-control their identification settings by enabling them to choose various levels of identification disclosure. *Note: Some solutions are subject to third-party offerings and/or being developed and may not be available immediately or at all due to legislation required to attain. For our updated documentation and available services, please visit us at docs.rns.id **Note: Palau ID provides up to 25% off hotel rates in different cities, with more to come in the near future.
National ID is a pre-qualification of identity verification that can be used to easily upgrade to digital residency without further KYC. A digitalized legal ID that can be selected by a variety of institutions as a formal form of identification document. It also grants users the option to select which identification to utilize for digital verification. RNS ID NFT is recognized by our partner hotels to get up to 25% discounts in different countries. Contact us via live chat or email [email protected] for more information.

What are the available solutions now?

The Palau ID is a legal proof of identity that is now supported by several exchanges. Our members have been using their own POA and 2FA methods for verification if those are required. A lot of organizations only need the ID to verify. Our team is currently working on the regulations required to make Palau addresses and numbers feasible, as certain solutions are subject to third-party offerings and/or development, and may not be available immediately or at all.

When can I receive my ID card?

Your Digital ID will be issued once your application has been officially approved. Your physical ID card will then be created and sent to your provided address. Shipping times for the physical card may vary depending on where you live.

What is a “Sovereignty-Backed Identification Card”?

A legally valid identification card issued by a sovereign nation - The Republic of Palau. We issue both a digital identification on the blockchain and a physical ID card for customers who have passed our screening process.

ID Utility Questions

Does the ID work for KYC in exchanges? What can the ID be used for?

The Palau Digital Resident ID is a government-issued ID and can be used for any requirement necessitating a government-issued ID. Palau is a sovereign nation and its ID card is sovereign-backed.
Because the RNS ID is a newly-introduced form of identity, some legacy systems have not updated their support for the ID. If there is a service that does not include support for the ID, please notify us.

Can I use the ID for hotel check-ins? Is there any discount if I do?

Palau ID is accepted and supported by hotels around the world. Palau ID holders and Voyager Pass holders can get up to 25% off hotel rates in different cities, with more to come in the near future.

Does the ID have a time limit?

The digital residency ID has 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years then it can then be renewed.

When will I get my RNS ID NFT?

RNS ID NFTs are non-transferable. Details will be announced in the near future but all Digital Residents will have the option to receive one.

Does Palau allow futures trading?


Can I open a business as a Digital Resident?

Yes, coming soon.

Can I buy property using my ID?

Yes, crypto homes are being built now.

Are there any taxes for Palau Digital Residents? Can I apply for a temporary residence and buy crypto without paying taxes?

There is a 0% tax from Palau on non-Palauran income for digital residents.

What are the uses and planned uses for the Palau ID?

There is a 0% tax from Palau on non-Palauan income for digital residents. The Digital Residency ID program legislated in Palau in December 2021 currently covers all of the following: § 1051. Certificate of Legal Name Change. § 1052. Digital Banking Services. § 1053. Verification. § 1054. Mailing Address. § 1055. Digital Voice and Text. § 1056. Adopt a Meter Program. (Utility billing) Some benefits come in sooner than others. The first upcoming benefits are: Virtual address with a US zip code Adopt a Meter - Utility bill proof of address Digital signature/certificate The next batch of benefits are: Registering e-Corporations, Join a Palau telecommunications network, e.g. phone number, Internet services, Purchase a private network (VPN) in Palau, Purchase and sell assets/property, Purchase insurance, Access to digital brokerage, Digital nomad accounting, Digital notarization, Address rerouting from Palau to home country.

Will the mailing and utility bill address be in Palau?

Yes. These products will be available in the digital resident portal as add-ons.

ID Pricing + Payment Questions

What are my payment options?

We use Stripe in our checkout process which accepts most international credit cards. You can also check out using your Web3 wallet. ETH, BNB, USDC, Polygon, and USDT payments are accepted.

Can I use mainnet to pay in USDT, USDC?


Can I use ETH network to pay in USDT, USDC?


Can I use BSC network to pay in USDT, USDC or BUSD?


Is the application fee one-time or annual?

The Palau ID has 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years validity, similar to renewing your other state-issued forms of documentation. The RNS ID doesn't have a time limit. The affiliated Palau ID has sanction checks and renewal.

Refund policy?

All orders are final and nonrefundable. Learn more here: https://rns.id/app/refundTerms

This is too expensive! Why?

This is the first time this service has ever been provided by a Sovereign government with a seat at the UN and has full legal recognition as any other government-issued ID. There is a 0% tax from Palau on digital residents. Getting an equivalent identification from another nation would take months of complex documentation, possible travel, and embassy visit requirements, and may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention any taxes they may have. This solution is way more affordable than almost all other country identity programs. Even a US EB2 visa (which is not even an ID) is $700, in which case you have to travel to the consulate to take biometrics (travel cost and time cost), not to mention hundreds of thousands $ for "golden visas" etc of a lot of other countries. Your other alternative is to form an offshore trust or international company, where you are looking at thousands of dollars in registration and legal fees. Our solution offers you the ability to apply for and receive a valid legal second ID, from the comfort of your home, shipped globally.

Will pricing change in the future?


ID Processing

What are the accepted IDs/Documents for KYC verification?

Applicants can use official government documents like ID-card, passports, driving licenses, and Resident permits. ID must be valid for at least one month after the present date.

How to check my application status?

Go to the website https://rns.id/app/login and log in to your account to get the latest status updates on your application.

How long will it take to get my application approved?

Depending on the additional documentation and information for your application, the longest time will be 2 weeks.

How to update the photo ID?

Log in to your RNS account and upload a photo ID that is compliant. Check out https://docs.rns.id/support/photo-requirements for more information.

Rejected Verification

Make sure to provide clear photos during the verification and do not upload scanned documents. For further assistance, contact [email protected].

Printing time

A none security features card takes 4 weeks, ones with multiple security features like ours usually take 8 weeks but we will do it in around 10-20days. This is already an expedition.

From which country will the ID be shipped?

We are shipping from multiple locations worldwide to ensure every customer can securely receive their package. Shipping times will vary depending on the destination country.

Citizenship Questions

Can Digital Residents apply for Palau passports?

Digital residency does not support pathways to citizenship or future Palau passports. By Palau's Constitution, only Palauans may hold citizenship.

Does this allow me to fly into Palau like a passport?

One still needs to bring their passport. Being able to stay in Palau beyond the initial trip varies largely by the person’s citizenship. Some, like US citizens, can stay for 1 year. Others must show proof of departure and leave within that timeframe. As non-Palauans becoming citizens is prohibited by their Constitution. But they are very welcoming to international visitors and business and there are plenty of opportunities outside of actual citizenship that will be made available via digital residency and they are committed to making this a great product for all citizens of the world.


How does RNS privacy work?

All documents are end-to-end encrypted with separate private keys.

Additional FAQs

How will I know if I am included in the Astronaut program?

You should have received an email, kindly please check your spam or junk folder.

Can I apply for a temporary residence and buy a cryptocurrency without having to pay taxes?

No worries about taxes. There is a 0% tax from Palau on non-Palauran income for digital residents.

How does the virtual address work for mail?

The virtual address service will be rolled out soon. When it’s ready, you can get access to a virtual address in Palau and receive mail, use it as proof of residence, etc.
Our team is getting the UI ready to give you an option to add your wallet address where your RNS ID NFT will be airdropped.

What virtual address will be offered in the future?

To be exact, it is actually a physical address. You can 1) adopt a meter and pay for a local household's utility bill so the bill will be sent to you 2) pay for a local physical address provider.

For collaboration, partnership or being an ambassador

Send an email to [email protected] with your proposal and company website.

RNS team is based in what city?

We are decentralized and based in five different countries.

Application accepted country?

Currently, all global citizens with the exception of North Korea and Iran are eligible.