Application Process

All ID applications can be submitted through the RNS portal at https://rns.id/.

Application Status

During the process, your application will go through a robust application procedure:


This stage requires you to prepare your identification documents, ensuring they are acceptable and valid. To validate your identity in compliance with government regulations, scan and match your provided documents, and use your device's camera for face-match identification, which will take 15 to 20 minutes.
Profile Confirmation
After your identification has been validated, you will be able to fill out the information on your Palau ID and it should match the information on your submitted documents. You will also be able to provide the address to which your Palau ID card will be mailed.


At this stage, your application is being reviewed for KYC/AML, a criminal background and sanctions check, and reviewed for any errors. The approval of your application will take 3 days.

Government Approval

After initial screening, the Government of Palau is able to review your application and give final approval to accept you as a Palau Digital Resident. Once successful, you will receive a confirmation email.


The approved applications will be sent to the queue for printing in the next batch. You may still update your shipment details while in the queue. Printing and packing will take 7 business days to be completed. After printing, it is packaged and prepared to be shipped to the mailing address provided.


You will receive an email once your card has been shipped, alongside a tracking number. Shipping times vary depending on the destination country. You can begin using your ID card immediately when you receive your ID and the welcome kit.