Utility of RNS

I. Utility Overview

The RNS ID brings together three transformative innovations:

  • on-chain legal ID

  • digital residency

  • geography-agnostic governance

RNS leverages the versatility of all three innovations, which will be developed via our roadmap.

Bringing legal identity directly on chain unlocks a multitude of applications, such as:

  • Identification / background checks

  • DAO governance (one person one vote)

  • Purchasing insurance plans

  • Credit-based loans

  • Real-world democratic voting

  • Age verification

  • Opening banking or brokerage accounts

  • Services requiring legal identification

  • Services requiring KYC

III. Digital Residency Roadmap

The following solutions are planned for digital residents, and will be introduced step by step:

  • Palau address with a US zip code (letters only, no package shipments)

  • Utility - Adopt a Meter Program (connected to your Palau address)

  • Digital signature/certificate

  • Get a Palau phone number

  • Registering e-Corporations (C-corp/LLC/DAO/Trust/etc.)

  • Digital banking

  • Purchase insurance

  • Digital notarization and apostille

  • Internet services, purchasing a private network (VPN) in Palau

With digital residency, individuals from around the world have the opportunity to access digital government services, and the solutions available will expand over time as the program grows.

IV. Utility of Geography-Agnostic Governance

The power of geography-agnostic governance allows global services to overcome the limitations of location-dependent requirements, which is further enabled by the inter-connectivity of the digital world.

Geography-agnostic governance facilitates a plethora of future opportunities, including:

  • Global registries for intellectual property

  • Remote corporate formation and operation

  • Access to securely sign documents

  • Marketplace for governance

*By purchasing the Palau ID card, you agree on all the terms periodically updated on Docs. We reserve the right to modify these benefits as some services may not be directly provided by us. These are envisioned and subject to government final legislation, approval, and RNS availability.

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